Science Club fun in the fall!!

Science Club fun in the fall!!

TODAY I WENT TO MVCA's SCIENCE CLUB!!! In science club today we explored molecules and how they interact with each other. We did this by experimenting with bubbles and the way we can hold them if we have wet soapy hands and how dry hands will cause them to pop. The supplies we used were dish soap water bendy straws hollowed out pumpkins and cookie sheets.

PROCESS: The children poured disposable soap into the hollowed out pumpkins, and then we added warm water. The children were given bendy straws so they could blow into the pumpkins and make the bubbles over flow out of the pumpkins. After each pumpkin had a large bubble mass we used our dry hands to touch the bubbles, causing the bubbles to pop. I then introduced the molecule bath, which was a mixture of soap and water that the children could dip their hands in. This time we blew large bubble mounds and the children all dipped their hands into the molecule bath. They then could pick up the bubbles in their hands. The children were allowed to explore the bubble mixture, molecule baths and pumpkins for as long as they wanted during the group time.

If you want your child to explore, experiment and join our science club please let a member of the office know, or your child's teacher. There is also a sign up form in the lobby by the calendar.

Almost a year later!

So here we are almost one full year later.  So much has happened!  In the first few weeks we spent our days on the playground in the sun with 5-7 children each day.  The days were relaxed and free.  Never before had I experienced the ability to follow the lead of the children and allow them to structure the day.  It was an amazing feeling.  The happiness grew and grew and suddenly the word got out.  Week by week more and more students began joining the program, and while we had to change some of our schedules and structure we were able to navigate the fullness of the classrooms as they filled up.  Somehow the love spread and the children became our MVCA family.  It was the perfect balance of busy relaxation.


Why and How

For me early childhood education has always been a passion.  For as long as I can remember I have wanted to teach young children.  As I got older I was lucky to begin working with a large childcare organization where I gained experience not only in every age group but in administration.  What I mostly learned working for a large childcare chain, were values that I wanted to see and change in a center that was my own.  I learned that every child deserves the best care free of influence from the corporate world.  I learned what I would do differently and how I would focus on the community and our place within it.

I am the very lucky mother of two amazing boys.  One, that just entered preschool, and one that is about to be 1 year old.  My days are spent being the customer I serve.  I know exactly what a busy mom needs, and how to help a family meet the goals they have for their day to run as smooth as possible.  My husband and I are that busy family, and we will take all the help we can get.  The happiness of my boys while they are in care is my biggest priority!  I want to hear them laughing and see that they are loved by their teachers.  I want that for all the children in our care. Having children has made me a better boss, a better educator, and a better caregiver.  

We have an incredible staff that is ready to meet the needs of your family.  The staff will love and care for your children and become a part of your very own family!!  This I have no doubt of because they are a part of mine and my boys LOVE them!  Our first two weeks have been a dream come true!