The curriculum at MVCA is a theme based enrichment filled experience based around each child. With guidance from the leading curriculum in early childhood education and aligned with the Massachusetts state standards each classroom will come alive with the concepts they are studying. 


INFANTS will explore 12 themes a year based around cognitive, social, and emotional development. Each month the children will be exposed to the building blocks needed for success through their years in education. Social and emotional growth play a large part in the development of our youngest students and they will have educators focused on their individual needs. All experiences in our infant program will be tied to their 5 senses and offer a chance to try new things. 

TODDLERS will engage in 12 monthly themes that help excite them about the world around them. While they learn basic early childhood concepts like colors, shapes, animals, letters, and numbers they will also be engrossed in sensory and dramatic play to strength their social and emotional growth. Each toddler will be supported as they journey through language development, cognitive development and physical development. 

PRESCHOOL will join an exciting theme-based curriculum that offers a new theme every two weeks. While the children have a strong focus on language and social studies they will also be involved in the arts and S.T.E.M skills (science, technology, engineering, and math). The children will master their letter sounds and early writing skills while working on the concepts of free and creative expression. Science and math will play a large part in their learning while they experiment with the scientific method's concepts and practice early math skills. The children will gain social skills via role playing in our dramatic play areas and with learning about the community around us. 

 Weather permitting toddlers and preschoolers will go outside for gross motor development twice a day for an hour as well as expand their curriculum in our indoor gross motor room. 


Art:  Our ART program is design to focus on a known fine artist as we allow the children to create their own masterpieces.  An example of this would be the study of Henri Matisse, “The artist that drew with scissors”.  The children would be able to use designer paper to cut and create a work of art that is special to them.  Our goal is that this program would have a lot of take homes for the parents and children to display.  This is the perfect program for any budding artist!!

The cost of the class is $60 for four weeks of classes, and the class meets once a week for an hour!

Science:  Our SCIENCE program is a great way for the love of science and the environment to grow.  Our students would be able to explore the art of the scientific method and the process of experiments while creating wonder about the physical environment around us.  An example of the types of experiments our young scientists would be conducting is a bubble sock and bubble solution that would create a long and large bubble snake!!

The cost of the class is $60 for four weeks of classes, and the class will meet once per week for an hour.

Phonics:  Our PHONICS program will help students that have a early love of reading or could simply use a little help in the process of letter and sound recognition!  This class that meets twice a week for 45 mins will help strengthen your child’s skills in recognizing, and writing letters, as well as the ability to identify letter sounds and start to blend them together for early reading.  Sign those book worms up!!!

The cost of the class is $60 for four weeks, and the class meets twice a week.

Music:  Our MUSIC program is exciting for all ages!!  This is a theme based program and the themes change monthly, with a fee of $40 for four weeks.  The children will sing, dance, and explore lots and lots of different songs.  The songs highlighted will be listed for parents so they can choose to download them if they would like. The children will explore musical instruments and explore tempo and beats.

The enrichment programs are designed to take our center to the next level of convenience.  We would like to be able to offer your family a way to allow your child to engage in extra curricular activities while in our care!!  These classes will be planned around the schedule of the children that are signed up for he classes



Parent and me classes with music, stories and physical activities 

Open gym time



Periodic CPR classes with first aid

Parents night out

Birthday activities for your child

Saturday story times