Welcome To Our Payment Center

Here you can make a payment using your credit card or debit card.  Please enter your weekly rate and adjust for any added fees.  You are able to make your payments reoccurring for convenience.  Please read our tuition agreement before making a payment. Please note our Tuition Agreement as follows:  Tuition is due for all holidays, sick days and vacations.  You are allowed one week tuition free for vacation a year, with a two week notice.  Tuition will be forgiven if you are out of the center for 4 consecutive weeks with a two week notice.  Your space will be held with a $100 DEPOSIT for your return. A two week notice is needed for dis-enrollment.  If a notice is not given you will be charged in full for two weeks. Tuition must be paid in full and kept current to remain as an enrolled family.  If you are having financial hardship please let us know so we can make arraignments to keep your family enrolled.