For me early childhood education has always been a passion.  For as long as I can remember I have wanted to teach young children.  As I got older I was lucky to begin working with a large childcare organization where I gained experience not only in every age group but in administration.  What I mostly learned working for a large childcare chain, were values that I wanted to see and change in a center that was my own.  I learned that every child deserves the best care free of influence from the corporate world.  I learned what I would do differently and how I would focus on the community and our place within it.

I am the very lucky mother of two amazing boys.  One, that just entered preschool, and one that is about to be 1 year old.  My days are spent being the customer I serve.  I know exactly what a busy mom needs, and how to help a family meet the goals they have for their day to run as smooth as possible.  My husband and I are that busy family, and we will take all the help we can get.  The happiness of my boys while they are in care is my biggest priority!  I want to hear them laughing and see that they are loved by their teachers.  I want that for all the children in our care. Having children has made me a better boss, a better educator, and a better caregiver.  

We have an incredible staff that is ready to meet the needs of your family.  The staff will love and care for your children and become a part of your very own family!!  This I have no doubt of because they are a part of mine and my boys LOVE them!  Our first two weeks have been a dream come true!